Still online servers

what the title says since i don’t really see a lot of servers that are new and some i used to play aren’t online anymore.

Are you asking about servers that are still online?
Here’s a recently updated list of cloud and Mac servers:

They’re categorized so you can find what you’re interested in.
Hope ya find somethin ya like! :+1:


What do you mean? There are plenty of anime roleplay servers out there. :wink:


I meant as in ones that have a forum page not those anime servers.
(and also if you actually knew me i do not like [redacted] or anime at all)

Oh, ok. Probably most, if not all the servers, on the link I posted above have a forums page. But you can also click the forum’s “multiplayer” tab and see a list of active threads for active servers.

sweats nervously

Okay but in all seriousness, the Multiplayer page is the place to go.

Keep your prejudices to yourself, please. They’re not welcome here.