STOLEN! the game


In this game its easy just say:

I stole @useraboveyou’s thing!


  1. I stole @loganisgreat’s carrot!
  2. I stole @1.'s Apple!
  3. I stole @2.'s Ipod Touch!

I used fake mentions to simulate tagging. you can @ the person above you or just say their name. the mentions are for looks. PM me if it isnt ok.


I stole Loganisgreat’s Birb!


I stole @shahmmm’s code!

i ment use real mentions


I stole @loganisgreat’s stuff.


I stole @GoodGradesBoy Good grades!


I stole @SHAHMMM’s bird.


I stole @TheHeroicBH pic


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I stole @shahmmm’s birb

I also stole @theheroicbh’s idea!


I stole @HippityHoppity s picture that’s why he is without picture lol


I stole @BUILDITME1’s unicorn


I stole @supergal1987 s supergirl suit


I stolen @BUILDITME1’s pet unicron


I stole @TheAllMightyNewb s roblox caratacer


I stolen @BUILDITME1 stolen Supergirl suit back :joy:


I took it back lol