Stone Backwall Removal

I’m trying to remove a stone backwall and I’m trying to use the compost method to remove the backwall but it’s not working. Does the compost method even work anymore and is there anything I can do to get rid of the backwall?

I think that glitch was removed in version 1.7

We can no longer remove backwall all the way down to lava as we once did. (Guys, let me know if that’s accurate)


That’s correct. You can only remove it with a pick if 2 sides are open to air. So the lowest you could remove is down to your deepest ocean, and it has to start at the ocean itself.


Oh noooo. You should’ve told me before I started my void world :see_no_evil::weary:

I knew the compost trick had been fixed but I was stupid enough not to realise this means you can’t go deeper than the bottom of the ocean.

I know I am not the only one working on void worlds. What do other players do? Just keep the backwall???

I remember using that glitch in Icarus.

While that is true, if you have a world where you’ve already removed the backwall to lava- in any part, then you can still produce two blocks of air for all the backwall. The Void lives on!

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Hi folks,

I know this is an ancient topic, and I used to spend hours on Blockheads in the past. I started a new world for the first time in years, and one of the first things I tried to do was make a shaft to the lava, and I thought I had mis-remembered the procedure, and I had to search the forums to check.

I know Dave is busy with Sapiens now, but I guess I didn’t try the compost trick back when 1.7 came out.

Makes me a bit sad, and nostalgic at the same time. I have only one world where I made a ground-to-lava shaft.

Thanks for the clarification, and I think this topic should be stickied for people like me who have come back to the gave after over 2 years.

– Scorpie

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Yeah… because it was fixed, it made me have to make a entire mountain with plaster and stuff to make it like natural a mountain. So I can only remove the background because they’re plasters.