Stop buying 99 baskets! It's killing my sever (ewafe diction)

one day

ewafe put trade portal mode into everyhing free
then his sever was lagged but in the end he cleaned up

people relly need a help, many sever is in risk, if a update can help, then that will be good…


you cant really change that. if ewafe but the ttrade portal to free and someone buyed alot of baskets, thats his problem not Daves.

Moved to general disccusion.


any updates can help that
is a qustion one
moved to qustions

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Any updae that can stop that is limiting how fast can u buy things, which can be annoying,


it is a qustion
or suggestion

mabe 5 sec

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I think Dave might be changing the baskets button to not have a 99 at all when 1.7 comes out, but we’ll see.


What do you mean, “ewafe diction”?

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Hello @theredstonemc, did you want to ask a question or make a suggestion? I’m a little confused. This thread has been moved around a lot and I’m not sure where it started off.

@everyone else - sometimes it’s a good idea to work out why a thread doesn’t fit in a category. Maybe it’s just the title that needs tweaking or more information adding to the OP. Moving the thread from one category to another and back again can just add more confusion.


Try moving the trade portal away from spawn. If we have to find them by exploring, there won’t be as much of a mess made!


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 36 hours unless eat a cow)

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suggestion because add something to avoid that prombem
only happen in sever
the best one ever’s answer
ewafe diction=made by ewafe


Is it a server?
@theredstonemc please stop double posting. Edit your posts and murge them. Read the commuity guidelines please

Dont u hate that… ur trying to make a fun server for ppl to play on by making it free so ppl can build whatever they want and they buy so much stuff that they lag ur server… PPL THESE DAYS!

Ppl cant follow rules these days :woman_facepalming:

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This problem is fixed in the update.

For the record, this is a suggestion thread.


I don’t think it’s funny to be doing that in servers,
But I get what you mean.

Still though,
Lag can be terrible and it just isn’t good…
Just know that it isn’t funny,
Would you like it if people did it to you?
Again, not trying to be mean…

Attention! in custom world, you can alway disabled the trade portal at anytime! It’s pause menu>option>World option>Edit rule>then scroll down untill you see a button that said Trade portal>Then choose Everything free, or Disabled, or Buy only

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how about only admin use trade protal setting
i come up idea!

It’s already set like that. :slight_smile:

wip a min
orther item can lag sever too
@milla @Legoboy70 @Countrygal27 @Zeekiel
orther item can lag too if you have a full invotry