Stop buying 99 baskets! It's killing my sever (ewafe diction)

Yes that’s true, but the ability to have 99 items at a time is very useful for high usage items like food, coffee, lights, building materials etc. At the moment it is only possible on custom worlds where the TP is set to everything free, several players have requested that the ability to purchase up to 99 of an item be made possible at paid trade portals as well.


Yes, as @MummyK says, the 99 setting is usually useful and the point behind having a free TP. Baskets cause a problem because they don’t stack like other items. So they ALWAYS spill on the ground if you select 99. Selecting 99 of any item when you have a full inventory is irresponsible and if players do that all the time on a server, I would change something or look for a better server.


I hope the 1.7 will come soon for fix this pronbem

I heard the news
Link for the news

It’s been confirmed that that has been fixed. Don’t worry.


yes will fix at 1.7 so please wait

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We ARE waiting, so are you.

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One sentence: Remove the 99 button on the baskets.

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I have a server too and some peoples start buying 99 baskets, I just start med for like 3 minutes, all the baskets desapper, I hope I was helpful :wink:
If you can pass in my server is Magic world

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Sorry, I just wanna help

I think it’s ok @WumboJumbo, @Tetel_br_2.0 was contributing to the thread by suggesting a way to get rid of the baskets.m

@Tetel_br_2.0, Wumbo is correct in that it is always best to check when the most recent comment on a post was. If it is more than a month ago then it’s best to think very carefully about how useful your comment will be. Multiplayer threads are exempt from this rule and you can comment on those even if they haven’t been used for ages.

Okay. Fair point.