Stop dodos from breed progression


I am wondering if their is a way to stop dodos from breed progression. In order to make rainbow cakes (for unicorns) I need to have normal blue eggs, but the dodos often breed to the next tiers which is annoying. I read in one of the breeding guides that if dodos are confined in a three block space they won’t progress, can anyone verify/correct/disprove this or offer another way?


Tame the regular dodos. They will still lay regular eggs but you will also get stone, dirt, and wood eggs. I just had to meet the 99 dodo egg requirement on an expert mode world. I had 9 tame dodos. It took 3 days of play to gather 99 regular eggs.


Just buy them.
You can even buy rainbow cakes.
(Not pay to win)


Also, to answer your question, they will absolutely still progress in a three block environment.