Stop the Dodo Abuse!


Dodos like Polly are being forced to carry Blockheads over two times ** their own weight. The abuse is not limited to this, starvation, ** mass slaughter because of being a “useless” breed, being burnt by a jetpack and sadly much more. Please help save our dodos from re-extinction by donating 1 gold coin to Please donate now, you will save a precious species from re-extinction
Thank you to the post Stop the Blockheads Abuse


Why does my bold text always get messed up?


Maybe you copied that from google just a thought.


I kill my unwanted dodos… ON YOUR SERVER :smiling_imp:


SERVER: Deadlypotato has been added to the blacklist
DONUTASK: /ban deadlypotato

I donut tolarate dodo abuse here!
(Sorry if I’m being mean to you, I’m joking.)


LOL I’m gonna go kill some rn


I keep my dodos in $$$ mint $$$ condition :smiley:

Get it? Get it? Thought not ;_;


Feeder chests are your friends


Who else thought the link was actually a real page?


what happened to



I did.


I didn’t have a sword and a random gold dodo was in my taming area so I slapped it to death, slowly and painfully…


I have 512 dodos all lined up, ready for disposal uh… grooming?