Story writing exposure


What’s the best kind of exposer for those writing stories. I started an interesting one and Milla merged the first four chapters into one thread. But when I posted the fifth chapter in the same thread, I didn’t get as much views as the earlier chapters.

Back when the chapter were separately posted, I thought that was the best way for exposure because each new post will be seen, but updates on old posts will usually be seen by those involved like the OP and commenters.


Maybe you could change the title to “How did I get here?! [PART 5 OUT]”, and then “How did I get here?! [PART 6 OUT]” when part 6 comes out, and so on.


Every time it you make a new thread, it goes into our new threads box. Therefore, people can only click the first part and see if they are intristed in it. If that person is intristed in it, they can set it to ‘tracking’ and see the next posts in the unread box. :wink:


What settings do ppl use? When you add a new post to an old thread it will show on top of my “Latest” list, just as a new thread would do. So there should not be much of a difference.


Yeah, great idea!


I agree with @Alexandra_Inglorien

But you can also make each thread uniquely different so that Milla does not believe it’s similar enough to be merged. For some reason, my pixel art replies series did not get merged, but all the story threads do. Try making every thread as different as the previous one as possible. Or even change the name of the thing.


Moved to Meta. Questions if for asking questions about the game.


Turn out you can link new threads with old thread discussions to make more exposure. Either that or the guys that liked the series could share it with others, even on facebook.

The series is called ‘How did I get here?’ And they have gone up to 5 chapters so far. I wished I realised this with chapter five though because it is one of the best I have written so far.

So with a new thread with a new title, I will try to link it with the old thread. Still don’t know if this will be a successful series but I got all positive feed back from the few people that have seen it.


I feel like moving it to pictures would give it much more attention, a lot of people mute off topic. I think that’s the correct category for it since it is a picture story of the game anyway.