Strange glitch

Sooo I joined a server and they said there was a command to set owner.
Guess what:

Weird thing is that it’s not on owner portal

And this is a cloud server.

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What are you trying to say?

You are saying that someone executed a command which made you an owner?

Yup that’s what I mean

Maybe it was a prank or something like that?

You have a yellow name but u can’t admin or mod anyone

Could have been a bot command since you can make extra roles there also

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Then it doesn’t make you owner.

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Very well. It’s just a spectacle of interest and nothing too special.

Interesting glitch.

Someone joined my server yesterday telling me they could do this if I went to their server. I just assumed they were bluffing and trying to advertise.

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What was their username

We don’t name and shame here.

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Oh ok

their is an command thay really gives you owner with all perms but it seems like it resets on server restart

Really? What?

Please note that if you post the command I will ban you from this bulletin board.

@Codeoffun, please don’t ask questions that might prompt other users to break our rules. If you have not familiarised yourself with our rules please read them in the FAQ.

i’m confused, there’s a command that sets the owner of a server temporarily without milla doing it, or are we talking about /reset-owner which is used for the Mac server app hosted servers?

i’m not familiar with any sort of command to do this, if it is just a bot thing, what’s the issue with that? i’m not asking for the command, i’m just asking exactly what this is supposed to be

It’s about world owner, not name/assets owner. And it’s not actually doing any such thing, as far as I can tell.

ah i see what you’re saying, so it’s similar to the people who were using those old patches to visually have admin on their own screen, locally, but not for everyone in-server to see

okay, well that’s good, no sufficient harm, it’s just a visual effect, no commands, good thing it doesn’t actually grant permissions, that’d be a nightmare for you or others to clean up