Strange Grey Fog Stripe


Okay, I guess it’s my day to share odd glitches. This happened a couple days ago. As you can see, there was a strange grey fog near spawn. It wasn’t anywhere else. There were no black walls anywhere near it. I asked the other players if they could see the fog, neither of them could.

It was weird. Had never seen a grey fog stripe before.
It disappeared a little while later. I’m not sure when. I took a pic.Checked it a few times, while I was doing other things. Eventually it was not there.

Anyone else seen this before?


It looks like snow to me…maybe its the ice torch under it?


Is it still there? If so could you try rebooting and see if that fixes it?


I don’t think so,Milla…


Well now I see it before I didn’t or didn’t think I did because I didn’t think I saw anything unusual


Lighting is weird in 1.7, I’m guessing it is caused by that. Part of the snow isn’t lit up, so it’s grey.


Wow! Nope I haven’t seen this type of glitch yet. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It was not snow. It was just a random grey fog line. It disappeared after awhile. I wasn’t sure why or how. I s multi-tasking and when I looked at that area again, it was gone.


Might be the scent of mortals coming to Maze Runner???


For me it looks like snow and snow was visible across the terrain.It looks grey because it is not illuminated just as Bilingual said.And my explanation for only you can sees it because the lighting is done on your devise,not the cloud.


Obviously, you can think what you want… but it was absolutely, positively NOT snow.


Now I was thinking,why isn’t the dirt blocks covered in grass or in snow like the right side of the photo?Like the dirt block is just…a dirt block,without grass nor snow.


The dark forces of evil are coming for revenge!


That kind of looks like the very top of a shark jaw that’s been enlarged through hacks, but that would require placing the jaw, and I know everything there is protected… so unless protection doesn’t check placing items server side (I thought it did…) this doesn’t seem reasonable.


If you look closely, there’s an outline of it (even through it blends in with the sky) across the screen. Plus the dirt blocks have the snow texture on them.


I’m pretty sure it was a graphical glitch local to Thu’s device, or the others would have seen it and it wouldn’t have gone.


I also see it, though it is smaller. I’m 99% sure this is snow.


This is snow. I understand that.

HOWEVER,during that instance, when I took the picture, there was no snow in that area. There was the kind of flat snowy graphic on the side of the blocks, but no snow banks. I was there.

I have never said that there couldn’t be snow in that area at some point. I’m sure I can wait there at spawn and take pictures of snow… I can also take pictures when there ISN’T snow. Showing me a picture where there is snow, should not make you 100% positive, because it has no baring on the instance that I’m talking about.

I’m not sure exactly know why you all don’t believe me, but I officially give up. Think what you want. I believe that this will be the last time I post a glitch on forums, since there is no point clearly.


It doesn’t look like snow. Snow doesn’t have a fade at the edge. I’m not even sure why discussion of the snow idea is persisting.


This is another server. It is snow.

This is maze runner. See how similar they look?

They grey part is lighting glitches, ones that have been rampant since 1.7 was released.