Strange Grey Fog Stripe


No, they don’t look alike to me.


Snow doesn’t usually cover the bottom half of your blockhead standing there. I too think it isn’t snow.


It’s snow.



It LOOKS like a lighting glitch, I can see how you think it’s snow because on the very far side, away from the BH and signs (< this way to be specific) you can see where the top layer of dirt goes down and it looks like the edge of a snowbank.
I would upload an image but I can’t, the error message keeps coming up :roll_eyes:


Try adding steam generators and remove the ice torches temporarily to see if it’s snow or anything else.


guys… it’s not still there. It was on the screen for a few minutes… then it disappeared. It is not there and it wasn’t there shortly after I took this pic.


My pic that I took was taken after yours. The reason it comes and goes is because it’s snow and changes with the seasons.

Just an update:

I went on just now, and it was there. Along with snow on the grass blocks.



They are not talking about that spot, there talking about beside the column :woman_facepalming:

So anything you’re talking about isn’t really helping and the grey spot is gone. No, they are not talking about the snow clump in front of the picture, No this isn’t something a lot of people have knowledge on, please don’t keep telling people that what they saw with their own eyes isn’t real. :slight_smile:


The problem was solved already.




Looks like it’s still there to me.




Circle it for me.


I can’t post pictures, I tried to earlier but I keep getting the error message

Okay I PMed you instead



I was sent this picture, for reference. The snow is blending in with the sky. Since the glade is above ground level, it is much more noticeable.


but the thing you are not factoring in…and I will say it ONE more time…

I was there. I could SEE the area. There was NO SNOW next to that. I could look at it from ABOVE. and there was NO SNOW there where you are pointing. There was also NO SNOW to the right of the grey stripe.

My god. Now I absolutely know how people think they see ghosts in photographs when looking at a light flare. Even when they are told that things did NOT exist, they continue to debate about it.


Do you see the ice torches? That’s why there is snow there.


you can have ice torches… and NOT HAVE snowbanks.

Seriously, Porky. I don’t know why you would think that I would want to lie about this. I have never in my life been so questioned by something that I say is ABSOLUTELY true.

Here is the scorch yesterday. I took this pic from slightly above, so EVERYONE CAN SEE that there are NO SNOW BANKS. It IS possible.

I don’t know why I have to provide proof. I have been playing this server for 4 years. I know very well that the ice torches don’t mean that there are always snow banks at spawn.

Here is Shariu (say Cheese!) waving at everyone on forums, saying “No, there are no snowbanks at spawn”. Taken just a few minutes ago.


That is the grey part they are talking about, you can see the snow ends (or is ending) right beside the lantern. It has already been determined it is not snow. Please, for the love of the Blockheads gods stop insisting it’s snow!


@Shadow_Katt, I wish I could like your post twice. XD :smiley:


I observed the area over the course of a blockhead winter. It did not get cold enough in that area to produce a snow bank. Ground frost was all that the area’s climate produced in the blockhead winter.