Structures [With Examples]


Many players have suggested structures in the past. I am today, but with some things I built to show how they may appear. The world I’m in is a single player custom 16x (why it is all in the snow). All items with ownership would be placed in the world with no owner, like gems.

Block Pile

Imagine stumbling upon a small pile of blocks when adventuring. These piles could vary in size and contain some differing blocks. This “structure” should not be to overpowered as there are just a few blocks which aren’t to hard to gather.

Dodo Thing

1.7 introduced pets but with no tutorial about them in the game. This dodo… thing could help players find dodos spawning because of apples. There would be a golden chest containing apples, dodo feathers, regular; stone; wood eggs, and one normal item of treasure chest loot.
Containing only a compost block, bricks, apple tree and a golden chest this shouldn’t be too overpowered and change the game much.


Imagine seeing a small farm that spawned as you explore for a Santa hat. This could contain a mix of dirt and compost and a mix of some types of plants such as; carrot, corn, chilie, flax and wheat . There would be no treasure but dirt, compost, gates, wood and plants. This farm could help find crops - and some free compost!


This small damaged house could be a nice thing to raid. Made out of wood this house seems to of been abandoned with a only chest left. This chest could contain normal treasure, wood and dirt.

Miror Hut

This little wooden hut has a mirror and basic torches. This could show players what mirrors can do, and give them a free one! This shouldn’t be to overpowered as mirrors are unlocked at a woodwork bench at a level one workbench. Posibly could be a bit more ruined looking.

Wooden Ruins

A pile of wood that seems to have been a house once. There isn’t much here except wood.

Scorpion Pit

A brick pit which spawns dangerous scorpions. There would be a chest in the middle with two compost blocks either side. These blocks would have cactus planted in them. To get the treasure chest that contains normal blockheads treasure, poison and prickly pears, players would have to try to slay the scorpions. This wouldn’t spawn in deserts or cold places and would be slightly submerged.


Block Pile 2

An underground variant of the block pile. This would contain stuff like sandstone, marble, lapis, red marble, limestone, stone and dirt. They would be varied sizes with a mix of some of those blocks. It would also have a gem of any type following normal gem rareity.


Instead of a golden chest, why not a feeder chest?


People get caught up in the restrictions derived from not wanting to copy Minecraft, but honestly, that game is so popular for a reason, because the ideas are just too great. In a Minecraft-like game, it would be reasonable to have some similarities. The villages for instance are a great example of what could be, so if Dave only added his own little twist like he did with the yaks, then perfectly generated structures that don’t look like ruins (no offense to your demonstrations) would be perfectly acceptable, who knows maybe even NPCs are on their way in the next update, people just need to let go of the idea of copying Minecraft, just look at the game you’re playing for crying out loud! That it has been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be used again, just give it a new life!


Awesome idea and presentation.


Awesome idea! Would be one of few game to have NGS (nay gen structures)
Would suggest some kinda Easter egg structure tho…


This reminds me so much of my first thread ever! I cringe looking at it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can you give a quote I don’t know what your talking about.


What’s wrong with natural structures if one game who already has it, it doesn’t mean we’ve copied they’re the idea that’s not copyrights we just wanted a natural structure for more to explore like for example in north pole there should an iceberg or igloo for some kind animal who leave there. I hope theres really nothing wrong about natural structures its a beautiful idea!


It reminds me of a Youtube video transcript.