Struggles farming


So I have recently started playing blockheads again, and one thing I remember liking was farming. So when I got it again, I am really confused on the whole farming subject. Like are there fences that I can use to keep animals in or out of pens, how do I make my plants grow faster, how many kinds of plants/ crops are there and do some require different conditions?
Just general questions about farming, and I’d really appreciate it if someone could give me a general guide about the new updates and things when it comes to farming.


Welcome to the forums. But to help out, Fences can be used to keep an animal in a certain area if you don’t want them to wonder off or to keep animals away if needed. Compost can make the plant/tree grow better. Coffee cherries do better in warm weather. Plants like light so if you have a indoor farm lanterns will work.

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As of the latest update, there are pine trees, maple trees, cherry trees, apple trees, cacti, coffee cherry trees, lime trees, orange trees, mango trees, coconut trees, chillies, corn, sunflowers, carrots, wheat, tomatoes, flax bushes, and the ever-inedible tulips. You have to wait for a plant to finish growing, there’s no longer a bonus for harvesting the second block. : (

Every plant tends to grow better when exposed to both warmth and light, and a cheap balance can be reached with kilns/campfires and oil lanterns. If you can, make compost regularly to prevent any newer crops you plant from dying.

Unfortunately, you can no longer make more compost using trapdoors.

As for newer animal features, that becomes pretty complex. Dodos can be tamed with apples and branch off through taming into almost every basic resource (even gems and titanium), you can use eggs in the extractor to get resources or flat-out kill the birds.

Sharks can be tamed with fish. Scorpions can be tamed with prickly pears so as to not attack you but they will still attack others don’t know if PvP changes this mechanic much, donkeys can be tamed with carrots to live longer and become higher tiers, fish can be tamed with kelp to live longer, dropbears can be tamed with pinecones to live longer, cave trolls can be tamed with gold coins or healed with gold coins, unicorns can be tamed with rainbow cake to become higher tiers and live longer, and yaks can be tamed with wheat in order to live longer.

I think all of the animals can be ridden after taming. After taming, you’ll need to keep them fed so they don’t die. This process can be automated with feeder chests. If you don’t have enough food materials, you can store them in cages for convenience.

Donkeys can be bred a bunch to eventually become unicorns. The highest tier of donkey before conversion jumps super high, and the highest form of unicorn flies.


I think that covers almost everything in regards to agriculture.



Thank you, do you know where the fences are found, I cant find them in the woodworking bench, that one just has a gate.


The gate is the fence. Welcome to the forums


I think they can be found at a woodwork bench.


Ahh, thank you!