Stuck on "Searching... Please wait..." when trying to join a random world

Before that, I kept getting redirected to the same server over and over again with only one person in it (and they were AFK).

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a bug. Is the game just completely inactive now? :eek:

Edit: The ability to join a random world only seems to work when there are at least two servers that have people in them.

Almost all public worlds have been broken. They are still there and you will still try to connect but if the world even manages to start it will crash after a few seconds.

Remember that other post I made about freight cars?

Yes, I saw it.

Been happening to me for two days now. It’s over. We are witnessing and experiencing the end of an era. The Final gasps of air from a dying game. The plug has been pulled from the machine. … it’s only matter of time now before the flat line.

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When are you searching for these worlds? I wonder, if you host a world on your own, can you make that public? If so, you could be searching for worlds when nobody is playing. I just got two different ones just now

I guess it depends on when you’re playing the game.

And yes, I believe it happens when there’s only one cloud server that’s active at the time.

This screenshot was taken on a Saturday afternoon. The ability to join a random world still isn’t working for me, and to make matters worse, the player count for that “Purple Hat” server is inaccurate. Nobody was online when I joined.

Reality hit me like a stack of bricks… :frowning:

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I guess only private and whitelist can survive the crash (Watch out spies)
and hoped freight car will be removed in the future, because they’re main problem for causing lag

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I think you are right. Brand new world I found two days ago was taken out after one day. I know it was working I got a workbench there then left. Next day I could only get back in for two seconds before the world crashed. :sob:

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If you see Xeldor on a server, tell him about your server and make him admin, he was able to get into my once unplayable server and remove the freight cars that have been placed. It’s not guaranteed that he will fix it, but he has helped me a huge ton.

I suppose there’s nothing he could to to break the server further, since the only other way is a rollback

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