Stuck on server info


I recently bought credits to run a server. But can’t seem to get past the server info screen, the game just freeze. I attached the screenshot also. Can someone help me? Thanks.


I’m not trying to be mean or look down on you

Have you tried the close button?

If so try shutting down your device for 30 secs and powering it back on (soft reboot)

I did, pushed the close button but have no response, just ends up crashing.

Also tried to reboot my phone, but still same issues.

Hmm I joined the server without issue, so it’s definitely client side. Try do do /stop from portal blockheads net if you need help access this please let me know and I’ll show you

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The problem is, i tried joining other servers, and the issue persists. I’m still stuck on the server info screen.

If it helps, my device is a xiaomi mi 9 running android 10

Oh hmmmm have you tried contacting milla as I have 0 idea what to do then 0-0 only thing I can tell you is to uninstall and then install again

The Blockheads has issues on Android 10 due to WebView changes.


Ah good to know thank you! Do you know if there’s anyway around this?

What does that mean?


Not entirely sure what broke the welcome messages, but

I did find a workaround on this, I read it in a different thread where you can quickly press back when the server info screen pops up and it’ll load the server just fine. Thanks guys for all the help!

Can you link the thread in case other people run into the same problem? :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded a video to show what I’ve done :

Basically what I did :

  1. Open the game
  2. Pick the server
  3. Right after the server info / welcome messages pops up, click back on my device
  4. The server loads an i’m able to play
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Before this, were you able to join any server at all without crashing?