Sudden kick out?

Me and a few other users were just now for a span of maybe six minutes were locked out of the Bh app, the connection error message popped up, could I get some information on this please?

I assume you are in a server world.Connection error usually is caused by disconnection,which is usually caused by slow internet connection.In this case I think something went wrong with the server.But it should be back to normal now.

Have you tried joining different servers?

Ive had something like that, where i would be disconnected from a server (regardless of my wifi) and not be able to get back onto any cloud server for anywhere from 20min to 40hrs. A few times i wasnt able to get in for days (but maybe that was just because i was checking in at times when i was blocked from server worlds out if sheer coincedence? I doubt that though sense im currently on a 54 day blocked out streek)) it was just me that had theese issues though.
Have you joined a mac server recently? Because thats when i started to have problems.

No, I don’t have any information.

The nature of any IT system is that occasionally something goes wrong. It may be that a node stopped responding, and everyone on worlds on that node fell off until a replacement node could be spun up. Odds are that’s what happened.