Suggest emojis here!


Let’s suggest emojis! let’s see if milla adds one!


Emoji Suggestor :name: description
IMG @loganisgreat :drinking-water: A blockhead that is drinking water!
IMG @loganisgreat :very-happy: He looks happy!
IMG @VolcanoFlame :pancake_blockhead: He is making flap-jacks!
IMG @nothingwhatsoever :animated-sticking-tongue-out: Person sticking tongue out.
IMG @nothingwhatsoever :slapping-ruler-on-hand: Dave slapping a ruler on his hand!
@DeadlyPotato :surprised: Oh my!
IMG @EpicGamer101 :look_around: Is anyone there?
IMG @EpicGamer101 :eating_candy: This blockhead sure has a sweet tooth!
IMG @EpicGamer101 :blockhead_tv: This guy is on tv!
IMG @EpicGamer101 :time_crystal: Woah! This guy found a time crystal!
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Emojis I want turned into blockheads:

:exploding_head: :joy: :thinking: :flushed: :man_facepalming: :expressionless:


Oh no not a MajicDave’s basics in education and learning!!

image @VolcanoFlame :pancake_blockhead: he is making flap-jacks!


Make something funny I might make it my pfp.


Please make you images have good sizing. the tongue one is huge because the ![image | 30x39] type thing wont work i have to use ![IMG]


Wdym by good sizing


Like upload them to a website and size there then save that image and send it


Darn I just lost the pic

It was some dr evil thing


Animated so that the :wow: turns into :what:


Oh my!


You have to animate the .gif

a little black but here:


Edit: Forgot the descriptions, adding them now!

IMG :look_around:
Description: Is anyone there?

IMG :blockhead_eating_candy:
Description: This Blockhead sure has a sweet tooth.

IMG :blockhead_tv:
Description: Whoa! This Blockhead is on TV!

IMG :time_crystal:
Description: This one found a time crystal!

IMG :block_mango:
Description: A mango. Only blockified.

IMG :block_apple:
Description: An apple. Also blockified.

IMG :block_lime:
Description: A lime. You know what I’m gonna say.


I’ll try making my own emoji!


@Epicgamer101. I left out the fruits because 4 submissions in a row is enough


Make a dabbing blockhead emoji :dab:


MajicDave’s Basics in Education and Learning


Hero brine confirmed with possessed