Suggestion: Friend list

Thats all i got.

[maybe elaborate on this a bit so people can bounce the idea around? - milla]


Somewhere in the settings menu?

I think more social stuff overall would be good.

I love the idea!

Since we do make friends on BH and the only way to connect in game is through mutual servers and when that mutual server shuts down and you haven’t told your friend any other server you play in, you have a pretty high chance of not meeting him again.


Thats true

It would be nice to be able to see your friends without having to use discord because not everyone can get it


No milla, it’s perfect :wink:

It may be, but nobody can tell that on current information.

For example, can people friend you without your permission? How much can they track and gather information on you? Or is it just a way to publish your affiliations? Or can nobody else see your friends list? If not why have it?

Exactly, I had to use YouTube comments to chat with my friend until she got reddit lul.