Suggestion to promote the game

Helloo I really think that this game is very nice, fun, and very enjoyable! All the animations and features are veryyy great despite some bugs. I personally feel that many people would love to play this game (LIKE SERIOUSLY ITS SO COOL?!), it’s just that this game lacks the attention.

So I’m here to say that, maybe The Blockheads should promote their game even better so that all the beautiful adventures in The Blockheads would not go to waste by only few people playing it. Maybe a little promotion on social media platforms would help, such as Instagram promote, etc. I wish that this suggestion can be heard (read, actually) by the concerned team.

Please continue the hard work, thank you !! :smiley:


the developer quit this game to work on another, I don’t think that will help

Wait… the developer QUITTED?

Well i guess it is unhelped then, but i’m looking forawrd on their other creations.

Thanks for the info !!

I’ve thought about making TikToks of bh before :sweat_smile:

Are people who use TikTok the kind of audience who’d want to play the game? If so, I’m all for it! :slight_smile:

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I think any platform can inspire someone to do anything, it just has to be put out in an intriguing way.

That’s a great idea y’all, making tiktok videos would engage moree

Yeah, true… :thinking:

if you’re optimistic, then when he’s finished with his other game he could possibly come back for some minor bug fixes

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I don’t think he has ever outright promised that though.

Posting in tiktok might help with trending tags such as #fyp and probably your video will be viral in couple of days.

i’ll remind people again, milla didn’t want that false claim to be out there:

regardless, she did also say at one point, forget where, that there are zero plans for any form of update, sapiens is the main focus and there won’t be any form of advertisement on their side, this is a good suggestion but this would be one you’d be taking on, not them

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Assuming the stars align, yes. If that ever happens, I’ll be extremely happy. :smiley:

personally not going to lower myself to advertise on tiktok mainly because people are more on about various dances, xi jinping needs to have a chat

Yeah, the OP is a little over nine years too late. :frowning:

Wish the developer didn’t leave the game. I first stumbled across this masterpiece when I was actually looking for a good, free substitute for Minecraft several years ago. It was I think around 2013 or perhaps 2012. Sadly, since I only had the iPad that my school loaned me to play it on, and the fact that my graduation was in 2014. It has been roughly a year since I have gotten my first iPhone, But I remember that one of the first games I downloaded was blockheads. Since then I have been playing the game with mild interest, though it is the most played game on my phone, I just don’t have the time to play it. The end tier items being a real drag when they take so long for just done item. Now I stand proudly as the owner of a bustling community of my own creation. Three different worlds… one solely for manufacturing, one for crops, and one for livestock. I’m right now working on breeding a rainbow unicorn, though I am at the black unicorn stage at the moment. This game is quite fun and I would recommend it to a friend but knowing that the game has been abandoned saddens me since the game is on a timer that slowly ticks down until it’s demise. I wish for the games update, even if nothing changes gameplay wise. As sooner or later the game will be no longer compatible with the newer software and we all will be forced to abandon it, as it will no longer function. I hope that day is far away, but I will continue playing either until then, or I had my fill. Though I don’t do TikTok I try to spread the game through word of mouth. All we can do is try, try to raise its popularity, try to get the developers attention back on the game, and ultimately try to rejuvenate a dying game that was tossed to the side to rot and decay by its creator.


The game was made available to the public on January 10, 2013, so that’s correct. :slight_smile:


Well, the game ran its course after nearly a decade of existing. It was time to move on. The developer’s new game is very good. You should check it out! :slight_smile:

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I thought it was a screenshot of my school’s blocked page for a second, but it was actually the block page. Worried me a tiny bit.