Suggestions Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

[B]Informative Titles

[/B]Please don’t use obscure thread titles, like “my idea” or “suggestion”. We know what it is if it’s posted in here, but we’d like to have some idea of what the suggestion is before we open the thread.

One Suggestion Per Thread

Please only post one suggestion per thread. In order to get an idea of how popular a single suggestion is it needs to be in its own thread, rather than mixed up with other suggestions. We prefer lots of threads over mixed up suggestions.

Rate The Thread


Rate each suggestion thread according to what you think of the suggestion. If you have unanswered questions about the suggestion hold off rating it until you have a response and can make a fully informed decision.

Respond Constructively

If you do post to a suggestion thread, try to add something to the discussion. If you must criticise, be constructive. If you can’t do that, then don’t respond at all.

Expect to be Questioned

If you post a suggestion you can expect questions, criticism, and discussion. Do not take this personally or react defensively. Simply address the concerns or questions raised in a rational and calm manner. If you can’t keep your temper or take this kind of discussion on board in a calm and rational manner please don’t post suggestions. Discussion is inevitable and aimed at bettering the content that comes up for consideration. It is NOT ABOUT YOU.

Don’t Bump

Bumping is out of line. Bumps will be deleted, and punitive measures may be taken if they occur after a warning. If your suggestion provokes discussion that’s great. If it doesn’t then that’s tough. It clearly didn’t inspire the community much.

Ignore Intellectual Property Issues

The fact that a suggestion is inspired by another game isn’t really relevant. It certainly isn’t a valid criticism. If someone comes in with an idea that exists in another game that’s fine. You shouldn’t point this out to them. You will make them feel needlessly that they have made a mistake.

Duplicate Suggestions

Lastly, people can suggest things that have been suggested before. Don’t tell them that what they are suggesting has been suggested previously. It’s irrelevant, and you may needlessly make them feel they have done something wrong.

I like all these rules :slight_smile:
Hopefully people will come here and follow these rules lol

I’ve added a rule about suggestions of things that come from other games. Please note this, and post accordingly.

Should we encourage searching for and voting on existing threads before you post the same idea? Some excellent ideas get discussed for a week or two and then when that dies off they might sink down to page 3 or below, rarely seen by newcomers, or infrequent members. And in that sense, how do you feel about necro-ing a thread vs. posting a duplicate thread about say…submarines, for example.

Votes cannot be changed once cast. New threads enable people to express themselves differently if their views have changed.

Plus, threads go stale. People partaking no longer play. Let the currently active players dominate a current thread.

There are a few reasons why I changed this rule, but those are primary.

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Smeegle, you don’t have to post that everywhere:)

Ok… I’m excited heheheh

Yeah, but this is really not the right thread.

@Milla. Ok, fair enough. I appreciate the clarification. Be prepared to be bombarded with new handcar suggestions NOW!!

JK. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to delete all these posts. They’re spam, and that’s against our community rules. Please don’t do this again.

Im sorry, I did not mean to spam…

Just wondering what is bumping a thread?

Basically, posting on a thread that is really old, to “bump” it back to the top.

To clarify what Olli said, it’s ok to post on an old thread as long as you have something relevant to add… Otherwise it’s best to let the thread sit on the back pages.

Bumping it to the top by just saying “hi” or “lol” or “Bump” or something else irrelevant is considered spamming.


Bumping is a non-contributing post to push a thread to the top of the forum. It may be a one hour old thread, or a one year old thread, either way, it’s bumping. Bumping is forbidden here.

If, for example, you have posted a thread and go back an hour later and post something to get it back to the top, that is a bump. If you find a year old thread and just post “hi” that is a bump.

If you find an 18 month old thread you have something to contribute to and you post that contribution, it is not bumping. It’s called dredging or disinterring, and there is no problem with doing this.

Thanks, so I wasn’t bumping this post.

You can’t bump a stickied thread. It’s already at the top.

Don’t forget to VOTE. If you like an idea. Use the “Rate this thread” button to give it however many stars you think it’s worth. Especially if it had no votes before. And you don’t have to post to the thread to vote for it. Voting doesn’t bump, it just changes the stars on the thread.

Would extracting details from old threads be allowed?

What does that mean?