Sunny's Heritage

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Though this is mainly a creative sandbox for me, I welcome anyone and everyone to join so I can have a little chat and have fun. since this is the case, I will not be monitoring anyone to make sure they are legitimately playing as long as you don’t hack or dupe.

I will be taking care of this server at my own pace, so I may come every once and a great while, or may on periods play everyday. Because my activity is random. So please understand :slight_smile:


Failure to abide by these rules will result in your termination from this server.

  1. Do not swear in this server, or have a rude tone in this server. Please at all times be respectful and treat people how you would like to be treated…

  2. This is a freedom of illegal items server, meaning you are allowed to play with illegal items however you want whether it is a supershop or not. But you must not dupe in this server or distribute illegal money or items to those who wish to play legitimately. You will be banned if caught or found to be duping.

  3. Do not create unnecessary lag on this server, as it could affect all the other servers running on wingysam’s client. Lagging could include too many trees dropping fruit, flooding massive areas to make an aquarium, placing many light sources, etc, etc.

  4. Everyone is welcome here, so be nice to one another.

  5. Anything not safe for kids will result in a ban. Example of this is nude photos, sexual content, inappropriate behavior/role-play, dating, revealing any personal info (where you live, age, etc), etc.

  6. Do not come here just for the soul purpose of advertising your or a friends server, I do not go on your servers advertising, so why should you go onto mine and do the same.

  7. Any hacking/script kiddies are unwelcome to this server unless they turn their scripts or hacks off. To prevent them from exploiting and causing potential server wide damage due to a rollback because someone had to come in and destroy something.

  8. Please remember to be forgiving to those who have made mistakes. :slight_smile:

  9. Anything unprotected is fair game. Do not complain if your place got raided, or griefed. If you need an ownership sign just ask one of the admins or the owner for one and they may give it to you. Please remember to supply them first with the required materials to make an ownership sign or you will not get one! :slight_smile:

  10. Please do not joke around or make fun of serious things. (Ex: the 9/11 attacks, cancer related illness, etc).

If you have any problem in which you want to discuss to me (Ex: rule breakers) I will leave a link to my forums account in which you can contact me that way. You can also use this if you are interested in applying for staff.


Join Link:’S%20HERITAGE

| Owner: Killerender135y | Rules: Vanilla | Size: 16x |

I am in need of staff to maintain this server, so if you are interested reply in the thread with your username, why you want to become such position, and your position of choice. Please be honest!


Hi I will join the server I just have a few questions
Is there a limit to what we can build
Meaning can we build like
Giant castles etc
Also does it if a discord server if not I can make one ( I don’t ask for anything in return so there’s no cache ) if you could please answer this I would love it thank you I will join ASAP ( No I’m not asking for
Staff btw)

There really is no limit of building, and the server does not have a discord because I would probably not be able to create one.

Ok if u want i can make one and I’m joining rn

Just finished exploreing 90+ tc to the right :slight_smile:

Huh? What do you mean?

Can we not have a religious flame war here please?


I agree

It’s religious so don’t worry about it we aren’t trying to start a religion war

Maybe i should do the simply insane, and build a giant brick of cobblestone using 1,000,000 blocks of cobblestone.

That would take ages

Merged double post, Could you please edit your posts, rather than adding another one straight away?

Will do sorry

What are you talking about?

Thank you :upside_down_face: