Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light? (NOW REOPENED)



i’m HYPE


wait… its not showing up. halp
i don’t see a sunset moon with cyan sonota


Here it is. After several months of work, the server is ready. Finally the public can descend to the underground city. Finally you can experience the exhilaration. Finally, you can see the sunrise.

Sunset Moon was created by a lot of great people, and I’d like to mention @Donutask, @TheDerpMaster, and @Kurale in particular.

Join now and escape.


fric my teacher took my phone away noooooooo


Oooooh yeah! :star_struck:


That’s as close as I got to joining :slightly_frowning_face:


@INeedPie The admin elevator isn’t protected

Also, shouldn’t a dark maze actually be… dark?


It was dark at first, but she put up some lights to help some players.


Yes, I was helping some player who found it particularly difficult.


Escaping is incredibly incredibly hard. I already died twice just checking out the maze. Pie, you’re evil :smiling_imp:

I decided to name my blockheads as test subject#(number) to see how many deaths I take to get out…


Is the fruit maze supposed to be protected?


One player was really frustrated while he was trying to get a room. When an admin started to help him, his Blockhead was killed by another player. Suggestion: if a player is being helped by an admin, for getting a room or otherwise, other users cannot hit or kill them. This should prevent frustration from both the player and reduce the time needed for an admin to help a player set up, rather than waiting for their Blockhead to respawn and walk back to the hotel.


IGN: Freeway Killer. Please whitelist me. This is my kinda server.


It is public, no whitelist. :slight_smile:


Ah I didn’t read the thread.


No worries.


I’m back! Thanks for playing and let’s see if you escaped.


The world is currently whitelisted after a large scale griefer attack. I’m currently assessing the damage and will update later. If it’s too bad I may have to ask for a rollback. :frowning:

Good news! I think I banned the griefer. They left a clear path and a workbench. :slight_smile:


Most of the area is unprotected, the fruit maze is also flooded. Is this supposed to be this way?



I will show admin only visible pictures, with very minimal spoilers, periodically.
Here’s my first issue:
Spawn is literally a big carbon fibre box with paintings, built by derp.

Oh and here is the old admin area.