Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light? (NOW REOPENED)



May I be whitelisted please?

IGN: candi_grrrl


We’re okay with help right now. The server will likely be up again by Friday. Thanks anyway!


OH… Sorry but I wasn’t asking to help. I didn’t realize you had whitelisted to repair. I thought it was just changed to whitelist.

Thanks, though. I’ll wait.


Server is open again. Remember to always report if someone is breaking the rules! It makes it so much easier for us.


YAY! It has been boring without you guys.


Guys come on this amazing server! I recently became an admin and see a few people on the surface! Try to escape so you can fight to see the light. It’s worth it, trust me. :wink:


Uhm I was banned randomly. Did you do it?


I did not @stmy


umm no. I was by myself and I didn’t grief or do anything


You used an admin tunnel. I don’t know how, but that broke a rule.


To be fair, there was no indication of it being an admin tunnel and it wasn’t protected properly.


Fair enough. Instead of a perma-ban you are suspended for 2 days.


It was my mistake and I own up to it. It said admin tunnel on the outside and I decided to be adventurous and crawl into it. I should’ve known better, but it could’ve been more properly protected


Thank you for being honest. I will make sure to protect the tunnel, and if if you have any further questions please takw it to pm.
Back on topic.


Ach. This server is sorta dying. I don’t have enough time for it any more. I might close :frowning: because if it’s not going to be managed properly then I don’t think it’s worth the money I could be spending on other stuff, like my Youtube channel. What do you guys think?

  • If you can’t staff it, it’s okay to close it.
  • No! Don’t close!
  • It’s your choice really.
  • (Other) I can add credit/keep it alive.

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Also, has anyone even escaped yet?

  • Yes
  • No

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Noooo don’t close the server :frowning: I haven’t been online because I have been busy… if you need any help from me, please do say so, I am willing to help. If you need credit I can donate some… This server has so much potential still, don’t give up yet pie! :slight_smile:


(Complete sentence)


wow how do you set up one of these sites? its awesome i loved all the stuff i saw as i got rocked outta everything :wink: jokes ahaha i would love to help Floatingdagger :slight_smile:


well, it is 14:06 were i am so yeah


I’m still active😁