Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light? (NOW REOPENED)



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Just wondering, is there a setting on sunset moon that effects the way animals (in this case dodos) breed, ive been trying to get my tamed normal dodo to lay a non normal egg for ages x|


No, but there is an upper limit on the number of dodos allowed server-wide. I believe it’s 1000, but I could be wrong.

Just double-checked. Yep I was wrong the limit is 512.


so is this server still active?


Ok, ima experiment to see what i was doing wrong, maybe tamed normal dodos only produce normal eggs to reduce rarity in what should be the moast plain breed there is? Also i have not excaped yet (going to make a jetpack first XD) so i dont spend that much undivided time on the server but i do go on there frequently in sperts. I think the lack of ability to DO stuff other then crafting and jobs when in the city is one of the reasons why sunset moon is so inactive. Maybe there should be a few more activities for newbies who are either waiting for a room or just still farming chillies and such? Ide be happy to build some gloomy and evil looking arenas and stuff once i excape.


If dodos are confined to a space of 3 blocks or smaller, they won’t lay eggs of the next tier. I’m not sure if this is what you’re doing, but I’ve found that the more space the better.


Heylo, I’m on Sunset Moon now. Heading down. Any admins around to show me to my room?

Edit: sorry, nvm. Looks like I got an activity to do before I’ll be ready for an admin.


I will whenever you are ready.


Thx. I’m ready :grin::+1:


Ok are you on now?


This server is very inactive and i have not seen @ineedpie from so much time too


i see that sunset moon has ran out of credit, i might ad a month soon unless
1: i add credit to square one, Or 2: i find a active server that is verry verry similar to sunset moon and enjoy it. Also is SM searchable or public? Just wonderin.


I can probably tell the server probably had a little of a bad launch because it seems that way.


Adding credit to sunset moons is waste of money the server is totally dead


It is not. It also helps Dave out :slight_smile:


It may be dead yes, but dead servers can come back to life. Though yah that’s unlikely unless theres some sort of game changer like two regulars becomming active again or something.


Hello everyone,

I’m not going to be on Blockheads for at least the next month, and probably longer. Sunset Moon is all but abandoned, but perhaps when I come back from the dead it will too.


Bye bye! I’ll miss you.


Noooo! Sunset moon was beautiful…


It’s been 2019 for a while now, and I’ve been thinking about reopening. Sunset Moon had a good concept, if I do say so myself, but unfortunately a few players tried to waste it for everyone else. I realise now that the server may have needed more time before opening and more active admins (including me :frowning: )

But anyways, who would be interested in this server if it reopened? I need to know if my limited funds would be well spent.

  • Yes! I love Sunset Moon! Please reopen!
  • I might play, but I may not be very active.
  • I don’t think I’ll be able to play
  • I’d love to get this server revived! I have a few ideas. (Comment below).

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If we are reopening I will revive the old group PM. Helpers will be welcome.

Let’s make the sun rise again.