Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light? (NOW REOPENED)



How about making a sunset moon 2, it would refresh everything and you would be able to start from the beginning


I’d like to do that, but this would mean excess endless months of building. The server would probably cost me at least £15 before it even opened, and as my savings are my only fund, this seems a lot. It makes more sense to me in terms of costs to simply fix up the old server.


I wonder if it would be acceptable to start another thread for the reopening of Sunset Moon? Since this thread is so cluttered up with posts from May, and it would also be helpful to interest the new users who have joined since the server’s untimely demise. @milla ? Sorry to bother you.


I would love to help, let me know if I can.
IGN -= KingPotato =-


The whole point of having world threads is so that everything is in one place. That’s why we only permit one per world.


Okay :slight_smile: That’s fine.
Anyway, I am adding a month of credit to Sunset Moon. It will be searchable with a password. If you would like to help then I will add you to the PM.


I would like to do the maze


All of the exits were built before the opening. This is mostly a repair job. But you can help if you like. IGN?




Renovation has begun. So has the nostalgia :slight_smile:


I forgot about this :rofl:

Quotes, quotes, quotes.




Here it is. We are reopening. I’m on now, so is BUILDITME1. Come along!


We had fun on the opening of sunset moons


Somehow SM got deleted from my world spinner but its been so long that i dont remeber witch IGN i used for it, like, ik that its either …4, evil paws, or …4gerebledoodle, but ive re-typed those udernames so meany times that there are now a million different varieties. I cant seem to figure out the exact charecters so can someone tap on a thinggy in my apartment and tell me? thanks.


Sure, asap.




Its re-opening? AWESOME!! Could i help?


It has now reopened.


Ok nice


Someone greifed a part of the deco red marbella hotel that wasnt protected.


Let me know if you want a rollback.