Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light? (NOW REOPENED)



It’s not opening for a while. Watch the trailer!


Wait your the greedy mayor right :stuck_out_tongue:


I might be… as far as I know there isn’t a giant mole thing like in the movie.
I hope.


Wow, just like Skeeve’s Exile’s thread. Not even open yet and nearly one hundred posts! It’ll be a while yet before the server is ready, but until then I’d like your opinion on one thing. What privacy setting should the server be?

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Thanks again for sharing your opinion!


Perhaps make it so that supplies* are running out…

Or maybe, everyone is forced to work in a caste system thing! (If you read the book you understand)

*just the supplies. Adds more effect into the greedy mayor.


We only have a tiny fruit farm so you could say that :stuck_out_tongue:


Supply shortage: Check!

Forced to work on a job: Pending…

Greedy mayor guy girl thing stuff has a secret room for “stuff”: Pending…

Bossy guards: Pending…


I just want to make clear that City of Ember was the original inspiration. I want to add my own spin to the server, and so it has, since the idea first popped into my head to now, when it’s in the process of being built.


All I can say is this server is amazeing.


I’ve never been there though


What about smoke?

Or some smog effect? Not sure why, but I guess.


Lolol 100TH


Post 101 101
Can’t wait till the release.


When is it?


IKR. SO happy that I got the 100th post


The release is:

A secret…(for a few days)


Nah release is may 18th 2018


K ill b sharpening my titanium swords everyday until then


Shush!!! The SW Forum users get the secret first…


SW? Tell me more!