Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light? (NOW REOPENED)



It is actually a LOT more hard than it looks.


Sorry for the delay but I have picked my staff! @DeadlyPotato, you are mod!
@anon85547976, I can give you admin if you really want it, but tbh at this point I am looking for mods. What do you think?
Anyway I hope we can keep the server release date the same, I’m working extra hard to keep it that way, but I’m not opening it sooner, no matter how hard you beg :smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks! But is this a cloud severe or a mac sever? All my devices crash when trying to load cloud


Cloud, unfortunately. Did you post about it in #bugs-glitches or #bugs-glitches-android ?


Yes I have


So would you like mod then?


I was bored,


Can I have your IGN, please? You didn’t include it in your application.


Ok. I’m on now, do you know the password yet?


Now compete for a cave troll :V


I wanna help u with it my name is BUILD ITME

When the server will open date please


Please do not double post. Read this for more info


I’m back! I was away at a camp for a few days. And as far as they go, it wasn’t my best one.
I fell into a ditch on the next-to-last day and had to go home. I broke my wrist :(.
This doesn’t stop me from SM, oh no. It’s just that progress will be slower, so it’s nearly certain that the release date won’t be the 18th.

@BUILDITME1 ,as above, I would appreciate some help. What are you good at? I’ll add you to the pm.
And the release date is currently uncertain.

Pie out.


Rest well and get well soon! :smiley:


On right now.


I want it to be on ASAP…

We wanna play!

whines like a little kid


@INeedPie if you need more help i’m going try to be more active on blockheads but i can help after school if i am told what to build (i wont always do the best on big things)


If you’re still looking to get Some help, i could help with buildings, mining, etc,…


Adding you both to the PM.


I’d love to help but I want the challenge to be a surprise, can’t wait :slight_smile: