Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light?



9:30 am for me, Eastern Standard Time


Eastern Daylight Time. :wink: Lol

I’ll be joining, and finishing my hotel soon.


Yay someone likes my “pixel art”! I can’t believe we are still opening on the 18th!


I couldn’t ask for better fans. The hype on this thread is amazing. Every day I wake up to many notifications from the staff pm or this topic. I’m so happy we are releasing on the 18th, and hope to see you all there on the opening day. 1:30 :clock130:, everyone! Start sharpening those swords and prepare for quite possibly the hardest but most exciting game of your life.

It might even get 16 players. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait to see what’s on the server :star_struck: feeling so hyped.


Hey! I’m not on the PM!


O__o Adding


Wonder how the escape will be.

Must be clever, like in the actual thing…

Also what’s the reason for escaping? Like is there disaster? Demand? Uprest?


This server sounds cool! If you would like help still my ign is strider the bos


You’re escaping because life in the underground is terrible

Oh yeah, and you’re trying to see the sun or something too.


But first you gotta get past me…


When the server sunset moon will be open in public


These things belong in the official thread, if you make multiple threads it really clutters things.


May 18th.

Questions are for questions about the game.

Questions about a server goes in the thread.


@asyc Mind merging this to the real thread?


Stop making threads about things. Post in another thread instead


@INeedPie May I have early access? I’m so excited to attempt to escape and murder any guard who stands in my way!


I will help you in your endeavor :smiling_imp:


Uh uh uhh, boys! Don’t try anything at me!


:smiling_imp: >:) :smiling_imp: