Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light?



Hype for release! I think it’s on weekend so I can join :smiley:


Congratulations :tada:!


It’s a Friday for me, but I don’t know what it is for you :man_shrugging:


Cyan please before the server open’s take out all the chest with 99 stuff in it




@BUILDITME1, this is the public thread. Please remove this and post it in the PM!


I’ll pretend I didn’t see that…

Anyways, it opens at 5:30 AM for me…

I’ll be at school and sleeping before then!


It’s ok, I will be on until 4pm or maybe 4:30pm. So if you get up early you can come!


2 more days :grin:


Are you still looking for mods(security guards)? If so, I might fill out the form.


I won’t be on the whole weekend. so sorry! Monday I will be on seeing how you have survived >: )


Not trying to scare away any potential mods but I will automatically declare you as a threat to my community once I escape. You will be shot/killed immediately.


Pie, I found the test, AND I NEED HELP


Well, I’m going to sleep now, and I must say it’s as exciting as Christmas Eve. And that’s saying something.


Tonight, is the last night of waiting. All our anticipation and hope will finally be rewarded. Beware mods, I reckon you stay away from me. I’m ready to escape, who will do the same?


I’m gonna escape. This will be so fun. Woohoo


Good morning everyone! I don’t know about you, but here, it’s FRIDAAAY! And what a Friday it is.
In 7 hours, 17 minutes and 1 second, the world we have spent several months on will finally be open.
I can’t wait!


Awesome! Finally a world that doesn’t open at 3 AM for me! Around 7:30 PM for me, quite a convenient time. :clap:


Looking forward to seeing you all! :smiley: The only thing left to do is tweak the welcome message!
(Though I can’t come on at 1pm :frowning: . INeedPie gets out early but I don’t. So I’ll be on tomorrow hopefully)


But this opens during school! Nooooo😔