Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light?



Ah I didn’t read the thread.


No worries.


I’m back! Thanks for playing and let’s see if you escaped.


The world is currently whitelisted after a large scale griefer attack. I’m currently assessing the damage and will update later. If it’s too bad I may have to ask for a rollback. :frowning:

Good news! I think I banned the griefer. They left a clear path and a workbench. :slight_smile:


Most of the area is unprotected, the fruit maze is also flooded. Is this supposed to be this way?



I will show admin only visible pictures, with very minimal spoilers, periodically.
Here’s my first issue:
Spawn is literally a big carbon fibre box with paintings, built by derp.

Oh and here is the old admin area.


May I be whitelisted please?

IGN: candi_grrrl


We’re okay with help right now. The server will likely be up again by Friday. Thanks anyway!


OH… Sorry but I wasn’t asking to help. I didn’t realize you had whitelisted to repair. I thought it was just changed to whitelist.

Thanks, though. I’ll wait.


Server is open again. Remember to always report if someone is breaking the rules! It makes it so much easier for us.


YAY! It has been boring without you guys.


It’s boring being the only one on sunset moon. Can you come on please? (,๏ ㅅ ๏,)


Guys come on this amazing server! I recently became an admin and see a few people on the surface! Try to escape so you can fight to see the light. It’s worth it, trust me. :wink:


Uhm I was banned randomly. Did you do it?


I did not @stmy


You probably broke the rules and they probably had enough.


umm no. I was by myself and I didn’t grief or do anything


You used an admin tunnel. I don’t know how, but that broke a rule.


To be fair, there was no indication of it being an admin tunnel and it wasn’t protected properly.


Fair enough. Instead of a perma-ban you are suspended for 2 days.