Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light?



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Can’t wait till the release.


When is it?


IKR. SO happy that I got the 100th post


The release is:

A secret…(for a few days)


Nah release is may 18th 2018


K ill b sharpening my titanium swords everyday until then


Shush!!! The SW Forum users get the secret first…


SW? Tell me more!


It’s on end of trailer that was released a few days ago :stuck_out_tongue:


The working conditions aren’t the best. Let’s just say mining will be a challenge… :smiling_imp:


If you mean the SM Forums, that’s the Sunset Moon Forums. I made the server an official forum! The link is earlier in the thread!

I think I’ll have the world on public if I’m around, but turn it on searchable if I’m not, for example 4-7 May, when i’m on a scout camp.


This scares me •.•


:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Mwa ha ha


Server(s) owned (if any) - Angel World, the other one is outta credit.

Favourite Servers - Giants, Rabbithole, ummm, i think thats it

Policy on hacking - boi. dont even say that word!

Policy on duping - BOI. I SHALL NEVER DUPE

Policy on unknowns- Nuuuuuuuuuuu!

Policy on griefing- are we done yet? i dont like duping ,-,

Players who can tell me of your playing style and character (on forums please, @name them) - @Brer-Rabbit, @katetheleaf (inactive), @Ziameter

Time Zone- Illinois Time Zone

Why would you be interested in this position? - i like helping out in servers while building cool stuff

What qualities do you have that make you feel you are suitable for this position? - helpful, funny, nice, watchful, extremly active.

Admin or mod?




no problem, im too active there anyways, so why not?


This seems interesting,I want to join in!


Can I beta test the map? Don’t want nothing… just to beta test :3


Speaking for Pie.
Stop asking her to go on the server, please wait till the release on the 18 of May.


Thank you Donutask. I can’t let anyone else into the map, except Brer and Donutask, who are both helping. Please be patient and wait for the release- it will be worth the wait!