Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light?



Oh,this is a little sad.but I understand that you have to complete it to show the best of your server.


Edit- Changed name to Sunset Moons to make name unique.


I like Sunset Moon much better, but that’s just my two cents. It’s your server to decide.


I also like Sunset Moon much better.


Exactly. Sunset moons seems like a different server…
Don’t change a servers name after 100 posts…


I love sunset moon more. Ps you will have to add a s to everything with Sunset Moon.


I also just like “Sunset Moon”


“The Sunset Moon”


Sunset moons better. YELL AT @Ineedpie UNTIL HE CHANGES IT
Sunset moon or sunset moons vote:

  • Sunset Moon
  • Sunset Moons

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@INeedPie , I absolutely love the subject title of this thread. Really great.


It’s her choice.


It absolutely is but we are just telling her our opinions.


Fair enough, but I was saying it’s unkind to pressure Pie about it.


For that sentence you are correct, Explosive shouldn’t say those kind of things


Thanks! Now I look at it again, I do prefer Sunset Moon myself. I just wanted to make the world name unique as there are tens of ‘Sunset Moon’s. I think I’ll just lump it and keep the cool name, though :slight_smile:


So it’s Sunset moons still? I didn’t understand the last bit of your post. Your server is great regardless of the name.


I’m changing it back to Sunset Moon.


Anyone here specialising in handcar tracks? It’s not one of my strengths.




Do you want to come on? I’m on.