Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light?





Doesn’t matter how many servers have the same name… as long as yours is the coolest :wink:


I may have to postpone the release date to the week after the 18th, as I forgot to factor in the time I will be away from 4-7th may. I’m going to try my best to keep it the same but I just wanted to warn you.


Sneak peek - The bank is shaped like a chess piece so far to symbolise planning ahead and logic.

Edit - Complete-ish. I still need to paint.
That’s the problem with building underground- you can’t destroy the backwall!


Would it be wrong to abuse your admin/owner powers and use /repair to destroy the backwall…? :thinking:


You can’t destroy natural backwall with /repair.


Oh, I made wrong presumptions from a shared photo…I ate too much ice cream, ignore me.


Dang. How much stone have you mined out?


Someone (I forgot who) mined out MASSIVE amounts of stone. I missed most of the digging but it makes SGEs worldwide rail look… smaller.


Well, the main cavern is a 70 x 250 block square with the sides dig out further to look jagged, so I’d say I dug at least 20,000 blocks out…
(I was the one who dug that, btw)


It is actually a LOT more hard than it looks.


Sorry for the delay but I have picked my staff! @DeadlyPotato, you are mod!
@LilAngel119, I can give you admin if you really want it, but tbh at this point I am looking for mods. What do you think?
Anyway I hope we can keep the server release date the same, I’m working extra hard to keep it that way, but I’m not opening it sooner, no matter how hard you beg :smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


actuzlly, i dont care if you give me admin or mod, as long as im not stuck in the dirt xD


Thanks! But is this a cloud severe or a mac sever? All my devices crash when trying to load cloud


Cloud, unfortunately. Did you post about it in #bugs-glitches or #bugs-glitches-android ?


Yes I have


So would you like mod then?




I was bored,


Can I have your IGN, please? You didn’t include it in your application.