Sunset Moon - In A World Without Sun, Can We Ever See The Light?





Ok. I’m on now, do you know the password yet?


i dooooo


Now compete for a cave troll :V


I wanna help u with it my name is BUILD ITME

When the server will open date please


Please do not double post. Read this for more info


I’m back! I was away at a camp for a few days. And as far as they go, it wasn’t my best one.
I fell into a ditch on the next-to-last day and had to go home. I broke my wrist :(.
This doesn’t stop me from SM, oh no. It’s just that progress will be slower, so it’s nearly certain that the release date won’t be the 18th.

@BUILDITME1 ,as above, I would appreciate some help. What are you good at? I’ll add you to the pm.
And the release date is currently uncertain.

Pie out.


Rest well and get well soon! :smiley:


On right now.


I want it to be on ASAP…

We wanna play!

whines like a little kid


@INeedPie if you need more help i’m going try to be more active on blockheads but i can help after school if i am told what to build (i wont always do the best on big things)


If you’re still looking to get Some help, i could help with buildings, mining, etc,…


Adding you both to the PM.


I’d love to help but I want the challenge to be a surprise, can’t wait :slight_smile:


I’m with @Ziameter - would love to help but am just going to have to wait for it to be ready. I love your description of the world - excited to play it!
Please whitelist NYCCI if you’re going to keep it whitelisted after you open it! =}


I decided to put it public when I’m around and searchable when I’m not. I’ll put a password if anything needs fixed


What’s the password too? I don’t have news with new pass.


Are you in the planning pm?


I think but can you add me you make me staff too don’t you remember because me I don’t XD


Ok. I’ll re add you and post the password