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i have no clue how to run a server, i need help!

join here please at


I can’t join?


Welcome to the community. If you could please update the first post to fit in with our policies that would be appreciated.


Must be broken or something.


Not sure if this applies to the link, but it says local.&port in the url and macbookair in the url so I’m thinking it’s a Mac server or maybe a local server? Both of which he needs to be on for I think. Again, I have no idea how this works, I just looked at the url and took a wild guess


No you can’t join. At present only devices on the network local to the Mac can connect. I assume the plan is to change this. Also, since it’s a notebook, presumably in general use, when it’s not connected at home you will not be able to connect anyway.


Welcome to the forums! Have a cookie :cookie:

I will join.