Super Compressed Alloy

What if there was a tier above titanium that’s mined in lava? The idea is, you craft a thermal suit out of 1 ice torch, 10 titanium, and 3 black glass, and requires an max level armor bench. Using this suit, you can walk on lava. When you see super compressed alloy ore in the lava, you place a pump block and a tank. The pump block will extract the ore and store it in the tank. Then you remove the tank and make it into an empty tank and a super compressed alloy ingot using a freezing bench. The pump costs 1 steel block, 5 titanium ingots, 1 electric motor, 10 copper wire, and requires a workbench. The tank costs 3 steel block and 5 black glass, and requires a workbench. The freezing bench costs 1 ice torch, 1 ice block, and requires a workbench.


What would super compressed alloy ingots be used for?

While it’d be interesting to be able to craft cold armor. Ice armor from trolls works a bit here in a similar way to the cold armor

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Maybe super compressed alloy armor?

The idea of a block that’s harder to break than titanium is distasteful to me

How about no super alloy block? Also, super alloy ingots can be used to make the crossbow (5 string and 5 super alloy ingot), the super alloy battle-ax (3 super alloy ingots, 1 stick), super alloy set, and a diving helmet (3 black glass, 5 super alloy ingots, 3 kelp). The diving helmet causes you to lose breath 5 times slower.