Super Lucky Find!


I just got a jackpot of lapiz lazuli!


WOW! :what: too bad lapiz is useless not that usefull


It can be used to decorate and make Ultramarine Blue + its Stair/Column Variant.


I meant it’s not too useful for survival purposes. (apart from getting alot cash moonies from the trade portal)


Not as lucky as my find, but that’s still cool.


Ooh! It is a big amount of Lapis Lazuli hidden in a cave!
(Lapis lazuli is just a very rare block that is used to make pillars, stairs, and pigments, can give you gold when mined with a golden pickaxe).


Ive never found it before, so this was my first time.


Congratulations! It’s always exciting to find something for your first time.

Just an FYI, in case you didn’t know, mining it with a gem pickaxe will yield more.

Congrats again!