Super Mods - The Blockheads Team

Some of you may not know a group exists that is above the owner of a cloud server. That’s right, I’m referring to the Super Mods!

Super Mods are a group of individuals that are associated to The Blockheads Team. They have absolute power on all cloud server worlds. They can not be Muted, Reported, Kicked, or even Banned. There are various commands that ONLY can be executed by them. Which are…

/SET-OWNER player_name - Sets server owner.
/REMOVE-OWNER player_name - Removes server owner.
/SET-CREDIT value - Sets server credit.
/ENABLE-SAVE - Enables server save.
/DISABLE-SAVE - Disables server save.
/SET-SALT salt_value - Sets salt value. [SIZE=1]Not much known yet[/SIZE]

[HR]Super Mods usually appear with a red foreground. Including their Player Info UI containing a custom text THE BLOCKHEADS TEAM.

[SIZE=1]SuperMod, Owner/Admin, and Mod.[/SIZE]

Here are a lists of current Super Mods:

[li]Dave Frampton


Oh cool! I never knew they existed. I guess it’s for doing their…jobs. Never seen one before.

I think Milla mentioned it a few times… I’ve heard about supermods. But weren’t they called superadmins???

I knew about the Super Mod (or Super Admin) status of Milla and Dave, but how on earth did you figure out what their commands are?

My bet is looking through the code itself, which is also how I’m guessing they found the debug-log command.

There’s a list of commands near the bottom on this page:

Which… just so happened to be added by this user.

Strings. Run it on the mac server app and you get a ton of interesting results.

I would like to point out that the OP here is purely speculation. While strings was able to find all of the above listed commands, it also found dozens of other strings. Some of which could also easily be commands. I’m not fully convinced that these are commands as they weren’t listed in the format that commonly known commands like /ban were.

Oh that’s interesting - so the Strings program looks at the binary code and is able to detect text within - or is it able to detect particular binary sequences that represent text? Either way, very clever way of finding hidden commands. Although, practically speaking, it has only uncovered one useful command, and even then the /debug-log command is hardly useful except perhaps as a curiosity.

The strings program looks for any printable characters (that end in NUL, the value used to terminate a string in compiled programs) in a sequence of a length greater than X (default: 4).

Practically speaking, there is a LOT that it can tell you that, fortunately, hasn’t been posted here…

Ah, I get your drift.


huh, when was this?


Just for the record, it’s super administrator. There’s no such thing as a supermod.


“supermod” just sounds like another term for adminstrator.

I don’t remember the red (that lines milla’s profile pic/indicates her role) being such an…intense color.

It looks like such a festive red.