Support id


So, I was able to get back on to Blockheads for a while, but then it stopped working again. I found my support id and took a screenshot of it. Is there a way to transfer my data into a different phone?


You will just have to browse the forums for a bit, then private message @milla once the feature unlocks for you (will appear as a little enveloppe when clicking on your profile picture) to describe your issue and any additional information you may have. I believe the form of support you’re looking for would be an SID merge, you’ll usually need the SID’s of both the earlier playthrough and the current one.

She’ll probably get to you within the next two days or so, as she has weekends off. Hope this helps.

You’ll be able to transfer servers and associated IGN’s and Double-Time if it’s the same app store account, but not offline worlds, items in your portal chest, or your time crystal count.


iCloud backup?


The Blockheads doesn’t fully support iCloud backups


I have sent you a private message about this :slight_smile: