Support issues and ad bugs

Cant find the support email anywhere and the link ingame doesnt work. How do I get ahold of @milla. I’m having problems watching ads for TC, it just crashes every time I watch one and I’m trying to get a bunch of TC to make the gameplay go quicker.

You can PM Milla by clicking on her forums profile, and clicking the message button

Hi, I see that your bug is on an android device. Please email Support at noodlecake .com.

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As mentioned, Android customers have their own support team. You can contact them by email, either by pausing the game, tapping on HELP/CREDITS, then scrolling down to Support, where there’s a link to email, or by using the address in WooHoo’s post. Either way, please check the automatic email they send back, and if it doesn’t help you to solve the issue then reply to let them know. Otherwise they will close your ticket.

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Are you spamming the TC button?

Just trying to watch videos every time it gives me the option. Occasionally they work without a hitch but most of the time it just shows a loading circle and then crashes to home screen.

I’m pretty sure the ad code being used it out of date. Once they can update it should be sorted.