Surrounded By Gem Trees - The Wild World Of Wonder

I created a survival world just for seeking gem trees.

I will find many weird but wonderful things along the way.

I will post all that I find here.

Flying, flying—is that a gem tree?!


Do gem trees burn?


I dunno but probably-

Yes, they do. I would hate to see somebody burn a gem tree though… :frowning:

I once went on a gem tree chopping rampage


Wait, are you serious? :what:

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Yup this was a while back lol
Gem trees never saw it coming :what:


But… they’re so rare! :frowning:

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Ya know it’s all just lines of code when you think about it. Takes no effort and when you jack the spawn rate it’s easy to find them
The gem trees heard the doom music…


Diamond trees are especially rare though… :frowning:


Yeah. I wish I had found one…

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me got YouTube video idea Burning 100 gem trees. I might actually do this if i can find a screen recorder.

Watch me use a screen recorder to help you find you a screen recorder

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This is so awesome

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What is…

Use the built-in screen recorder.

The original post?

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mine is IOS 9.something so it does not have one

Oh, okay. Do you have a capture card? :question:

I would quite frankly watch that video. Especially if it was a public sever :smiling_imp: jk

I am surprised you’d even ponder that idea. Be careful! :lol: