Survival server ideas


My thoughts on a server:

The server will be survival, basically non-trade portal (tps are only for jobs). Shops will be used instead, and everyone can build his/her base and fight others, maybe. Sounds fun,I guess.

There will be mining space, a railroad, and a bunch of shops with different items (I.e tools, food). Players could also make their own shops in their base.

Someone can make it, and I can help (world name doesn’t matter). But I can’t make it because I don’t have any money :frowning:

PS, I don’t know whether this goes to #suggestions or #multiplayer. Both seem fine.


#suggestions is for the game and multiplayer is for servers.


That’s right :slight_smile:

Suggestions are for Dave re. stuff to change or add to the game.

This is good.


Sounds like Sugarflop
Thread here


if u cant pay money u can make a server like this on mac


Eh. Not really. Certain aspects are, but Sugarflop is a non PvP server, and you can’t just open shops unless you apply.