Survival world, Edmonton



hey guys i have a serious survival server opened up and its very new. i am still developing and building so come along and help me and add your footprint to the server.

  1. no hacking/duping/cheating/hacked portal chests
  2. respect everyone
  3. dont hang around me or my base and annoy me unless there is a reason or i ask you to follow me around
  4. survive and keep your begging to a minimal i can help out abit but im still trying to get myself setup
  5. be prepared if you want to have a sword fight with the owner (me) i will annihilate you :slight_smile:

its a harsh enviroment only the smart and strong blockheads will survive my freezing server see how well you can do.



What about colored pole items?


Ill join it


What’s the name of it?


Link please


It’s called Edmonton (as it says in the title)



Oh, indeed I must have overlooked that. Thx😁


if you want im not really sure how that works but it doesnt sound harmful


They aren’t. At least I think they aren’t.