Survival world

so I started a game with No cheats of any kinda, pure survival, and I have made almost everything I want to (for achievements) and I have searched the entire surface world, and I cannot find marble anywhere, ideas as to how to find it would be great, I need to find it please

also I NEVER get tc adds and I have 80 tc’‘s left but can’t get my portal to diamong because I have no tc’ adds. Or very rarely I will be crafting and get an option to watch an add to speed up the crafting, so I’ll watch it but I get no tc’'s whatsoeve

In my personal experience, a good way to find marble is by following veins of limestone via mining, as other veins of “special stone” (sandstone, red marble, lapis, oil, etc.) usually “bleed” into and mix with it underground.

Are you watching the ad all the way through to the end of the video and the appearance of the banner (the case with most ads)? If not, try doing that.

For whatever reason, ads only pop up every ten minutes after 1.7. Personally I don’t get it, I’d much rather get through all of them in one go than having to snap out of a building mindset nigh constantly for maximal tc, but that’s just me.


I watch the adds all the way thru, and the banner shows up, I click the “x” it pops up with thank you 4 watching here 20 tc’s, I click collect and get nothing

Huh. Sounds like that might belong in #bugs-glitches.

Make sure to include images, device model / OS, painful amounts of detail, and game version if iOS. If Android, do the same thing but put under #bugs-glitches-android and then contact Noodlecake using the HELP/CREDITS section of the Pause Menu.

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Patience is :key:!

Testif nailed it. White marble is not that uncommon and usually mixed in with limestone. Red marble is a lot more rare and boy do you have to search sometimes to find a few blocks. Same with lapis lazuli.

The other thing you might try is breeding marble dodos. You’ll need to follow the progression: stone dodo->limestone dodo->marble dodo.

Good luck

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The obvious answer is of course that you hardly ever find marble on the surface. Grab a pickaxe and some lanterns and dig down. There are lots of caves and ores and blocks to be found down there. And by the way you do also find TC blocks, so you don’t have to rely on the ads.

(stupid question) how do u keep dodo’s alive, and how do you breed them? i do have a coal, and stone egg, and I can buy normal eggs from my gportal

Feed them apples to keep them alive. Feeding them also tames them, which is helpful for breeding.

Breed them by placing two of the same type in a sectioned area.

There’s a taming guide on the forums, but I’m on my phone and don’t know how to link to it from here.

Good luck!

I’m on phone as well, to copy/paste, hold down then highlight the words you want to copy it should say copy, then go to where you want to paste hold down and it should say paste

That’s your problem right there.

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I made a post and a guy said post it here, don’t want to retype tho

I’ve noticed that marble is always extremely close to limestone. So if you search for some large vains of limestone, you might find some marble. And if that does’t work, you could always breed marble dodo birds.

Not always.

so where should I be looking?, I did search until 2:15 am;around limestone, didn’t find marble, found sandstone, and my first cavetroll

and that’s it.

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:notes: Just keep digging, just keep digging, just keep digging… :notes:

You’ll find it eventually, I’m certain of it!

Also, by make a post in #bugs-glitches I meant the problems you were having with video ads.

Maybe raise a few dodos. I’m pretty sure marble dodos exist.

yup, Ive have currented got 20 eggs on the ground, u breed stone with limestone to make marble to get them, then u have 2 extract them from the eggstartactor

No, we don’t post more than once about the same thing. He meant the thread might need moving. I don’t agree. This thread is great where it is :slight_smile:

Merged second thread in.

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so I have been breeding g for 3-1/2 hours, and all I get are dirt, wood, and normal stone eggs, I even put them in a limestone building to get a lime stone egg, nothing, so I ttied over and over and over, still no limestone egg, but I have gotten 6 stone, so any ideas are great (thanks for mergeing the post @milla)