Hello! I made a world called survivor. This server is Survival, Expert mode, and 16x, and Pvp. This is a new world. The link to my server is, and I also have a link to my discord about the world! In this server,I am making a team system which when the world becomes older, different teams fight against each other in a scheduled day!

  1. You can break trees, NOT ALL, but don’t break the stumps.
  2. No bullying
  3. No hacking of any kind
  4. No exploiting
  5. No inappropriate pictures, because kids are playing and yeah it’s pretty gross also we want normal people, not people obsessed with that stuff.
  6. No dating (ew)
  7. No racist cuss words
  8. Don’t destroy spawn, don’t build on spawn
  9. If you fight someone, don’t leave or run away. You need to fight back. Leaving or running away is considered a combat log.
  10. Obey the owner, admins, and mods.
There is titanium around spawn placed by hackers, but you can still get out. Because people reported the hackers, they are banned. Please help us break the titanium!

Make sure you also add in all your server rules in your original post.


I’ll join it later!