Symbols on signs!

I went on a City of Stars a few days ago and there were a bunch of signs with symbols on next to the text…

They had the symbols of a gold coin, copper coin and time crystals!
How do you do this??

On iPad…
Go to numbers…
Press the #+= thing…
€ and £¥ would be on there. The Y yen is copper coin, the flat E pound? Thing is I think gold coin? And the curves E umm pound? Is time crystal.

I believe the E is “euro” :wink:

but why does the game turn those into gold and copper coins?

Because that’s easier than Dave creating code for showing pictures. Having it as text allows others to use and allow easy input for Dave.

Correct. Here in France the currency is Euro :smiley:

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Not sure but is there even one?

It exists, but I don’t think you can actually use it. :frowning: :clock3:

These are all the Symbols:


(I don’t know if i’m missing any)