System exposed


@system is Susan confirmed


@system is now officially a she


27 now.


Even bots have a gender, hobby, passion, and age



Time for some serious talk now. The reason system actually posts is because in the old forum there was a feature where you delete your account. In the new forum that is no longer possible, so system sends it instead.


The fun is ruined. :frowning:


I don’t!


hello system!

we know your a human talk to me


@system, @front-page-bot, @discobot, let’s have a tea party! :smiley:


I suspect the system account is the one unallocated posts have been attributed to. System is Dave/Discourse.


@discobot got ran over (disabled) by Milla. :frowning:


Milla murdered @discobot

Rip discobot


Milla needs jail then


She hid the evidence so technically there’s no proof but I’m on to her…


Milla said that Discobot got recycled into a phone. Quick! Find the phone!


No I didn’t.