Take a picture with Santa!

Santa has been spotted! Someone left you a treasure map with the last house he visited marked on it, and apparently his sleigh left behind some tracks in the sky.


Catch up to Santa, take a picture with him, and post it here with the server you would like to receive his gift. I hear he’s giving out a week’s worth of credit for everyone that finds him before December 24, 2019 7:00 AM.*

  1. The server name is shown on the right hand side of the map
  2. When the MessageBot is running (it usually is), you should be able to quickly get 2 RabBitcoins to pay an admin for a starter. Starters include handcarts, which you’ll need to catch up to Santa
  3. The map shows two routes you could take, the lower route will be faster if you have a handcart, just stop at the hill before Atlantis and go up the tunnel shown.
  4. If you already know where to go and have a handcart at spawn, this can be completed in 15 minutes. You should be able to complete it within an hour starting from scratch if there is an admin on to get a starter from.

* Must be claimed by the end of January 2020

Advent Calendar Day 19


He didn’t feel like giving out a month of credit? :smirk:


My budget is limited. The past few polls have had ~20 votes. I don’t really want to end up paying $60 for a one day event. If only a couple people do it, they might get a month instead.



(PS. Not doing it for cred. I used a jet pack. :sweat_smile:)



I think thats enough Santa finding for the next 15 years. Click Bait by TIP3R.


S-s-Santa… doesn’t… exist…?!

This was like the time my parents said the world was round not flat

Don’t worry about the credit, it was fun just participating :slight_smile:


the mighty Clause. Oblivion for expert survival.


makes chanting/summoning noises jk

I went the long way. This world is fun :laughing:


Oh my that took me way longer than it should have XD but anyways finally found Santa! image


Expert Survival has had a few credit boosts for the advent calendar already. Mr Luke had some ideas for worlds to give credit to. I am not sure if he is on the forums to nominate a world. I will find out.

Decided I might as well pay Santa a visit while on my way back to spawn from Ray’s castle. Here’s to a merry Christmas for all!

EDIT: Just realized it does say Santa’s giving out seven days of credit to everyone who finds him. How generous! Looking Glass by jemnidad for the server, please.


Looking glass is very maxed out on credit, over double the allowed max, so I won’t be able to give credit there :wink:

I’ll have to wait until January to send credit to Expert Survival, it is maxed out too.

Click bait will get some credit tomorrow probably, I can’t add any more today due to the app’s limitations.

Thank you for the credit its much appreciated and Merry Christmas Eve!

Wish I could have participated in this. but I am an admin of LG, and I didn’t probably want to go through the effort.

To be honest, the credit if I got it would go towards Griffin Land (June 4, 2014)
If you are feeling generous of adding credit. no need, as it is only right to reject it if I didn’t participate in something.

And Merry Christmas!


Skylands adventure by Jemni. Right now it has no credit so a message when it is revived would be good to make the most of the week :slight_smile:

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