Taking a bath in lava


This is not a JOKE suggestion, it is a REAL suggestion.

You should be able to take a bath in lava and watch your blockhead get so hot they die in just 5-10 seconds :grin:

As an added benefit, the south pole boots and ice armor and ice torches will keep you toasty cool for quite a long time.

I am not sure why i made this suggestion, but i just did as i feel it has a purpose


But why…


The age rating has been moved higher due to the game encouraging domestic violence


I think, @Lord-Hyness, asking people not to question why you are making a suggestion, when you give no rationale for including it, or using it if it were included in the game, you defeat the purpose of posting a suggestion thread. You need to back up the more out there suggestions, or your suggestion will not be understood, and probably just sink into oblivion.