Talk in UWU


Talk in UWU!


I like your shirt! => I wike (・ω・) w-wyouw shiwt!

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sombudi pweese howd me tightwee


Wai du i fweel wike a waby (-w-)


We dwid it doctow! We swaved hiwm!

Someone please kill me


Twei dwid a swurgwery on a gwape •w•


Pweese tuwn off mwy wife suppowt


I regret creating this topic.


I wegwet swaving youw fwom E. Coli!


T-tis sweems wike a w-wad idewa s-senpai… I… I cawnt tawk in uwu


UwU youw sow wawm… c-can I wick you?


Oopsie whoopsie! I accidentawwy kiwwed thew dwoctor wit a spwoon.

(Oh god…)


(Ima just lurk bc this is honestly how my friend and I talk when we can’t enunciate words correctly)
(plus it’s just funny)

Owo thing that references a tumblr post and a yt vid

Imagine reading a post, but overtime the quality of it begins to deteriorate, and it just gets wose and wose, anwd yu juwst doon wana reed it anwy moar, bwut yuwu rwed dis pwost, anud uwu gunnah finwishe it! Bwut i cwan guo oun and oun and oun wlike dis forwever, sou dount challeng mii…

OwO wuts dis…? Ywour stwill rweeding mai pwost? Wouahw! Yuwu hav a laot of detwerminaytion in yuwu! Yuwu hav fwinished rweeding da pwost. Good job!


Uhoh we kiwwed the famiwy! Wun, the powice aw cowming!!!~


it’s time…

OwO what’s this?


notices senpai OwO whats this?


Uhmm o/////o is not impowtant pweese stawp


Ewwwow fouw howdwed fowty fouw
Nwo fown